Christ Alone

We are 100% confident that God is on our side through His Son – our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ.


Scripture Alone

We know God in a personal way according to how He has revealed Himself through the Holy Bible. God speaks to us through His Word and creates, sustains and nourishes our faith in Christ through His Word alone.


Faith Alone

We personally receive the benefits of God’s grace through faith alone. We don’t jump through hoops or do anything extraordinary to try to earn his love. Instead, through the word of Christ God creates faith in us to trust in Christ and this alone justifies (God declaring righteous through faith in His Son who is the basis and cause of our salvation).

Grace Alone

We are loved and given mercy by our One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit solely on account of His grace – His free gift of love and mercy through Jesus – and not on account of anything we have done.