Beginning in March, 2024, we are commencing a Family Sunday School every Sunday at 10:45 AM in our Fellowship Cafe.  This is for all ages so that our children see the importance of the family of God serving one another and praying together.

The Pastor starts with a lesson from Luther’s Small Catechism, teaching God’s Word for real life application.  At 11 AM, our Adult volunteers take over to take our children through a wide variety of how God works through holy vocation.  Here, our children will experience God’s Word expressed through art, woodwork, puppets, cooking, physical fitness, finances, and a vast array of vocational expressions of living in the Word of God and serving our neighbor.

Pre-Confirmation Catechesis

We wish to avoid giving the impression that Confirmation is a qualification for receiving the Lord’s Supper. Therefore, we will be starting a pre-confirmation catechetical program for children between the ages of 6 and 9. These children will also be a part of our acolyte rotation in Divine Services. Please speak to Pastor Espinosa about enrolling your child.

Junior High

Junior High is the age group in which we offer our traditional Confirmation Program for Youth.  We also coordinate special outings with this group.  Please speak to Pastor Espinosa to enroll your child into Confirmation classes.

High School

We connect to Higher Things for our High School students by attending their retreats and summer conferences.  Please speak to Pastor Espinosa about upcoming events.